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1 single adviser
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120 credit limit
1 single adviser
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180 credit limit
1 single adviser
To subscribe to the CIExpert Affiliate Membership Service:
Adviser Service Subscription - Dynamo Offers
Step 1: Decide whether you require a Single Adviser or Multi-Adviser (firm) subscription:

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Please note: All plans include full functionality. Only usage levels are affected.
Single Adviser Plans
Step 2:  Select the plan that suits your needs, from the offers provided below:
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Need help choosing?  
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How do credits work?  
All subscriptions are duration based, for either a 3 month period or 12 month period. Credit usage is essentially a maximum usage limit, so at the end of the subscription period any remaining credits will expire.

On entering the client’s age, gender and name, one credit will be used. Once entered, there is no limit on the amount of research and/or reports you may do for that client for up to a year or until the subscription period expires. If you reach your maximum limit before the subscription period ends, it’s easy to upgrade your usage to a higher level.
More than one adviser?  
If you have more than one adviser who requires access, click on Multi-Adviser Plans to see what offers are available.

How do monthly payments work?  
Monthly payment subscriptions are paid by direct debit setup via GoCardless. Subscriptions are for a 12 month period, therefore a 3 month cancellation fee applies if cancelled within the subscription period.

Click here to see the terms and conditions of the online service.
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