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“Our passion for protection is driven by trying to provide protection that clients can claim on when they most need it and that means we need CIExpert. All our advisers now use CIExpert when advising new and existing customers. It’s a must for anyone serious about protecting their customers. ”

Karl Allen
Business Principal
PMS Mortgage Club and Sesame Network have launched a campaign to help reduce the UK’s protection gap by improving advisers’ conversations with mortgage and general insurance customers. Adviser’s are asked to sign a charter committing them to quote protection for every mortgage customer during the campaign period. For every adviser who signs up, the two distribution brands will also donate £5 to the British Heart Foundation.

To support this campaign and encourage advisers to participate, we are delighted to offer members (who are new to the service) a completely free first month on their first subscription with us:
Adviser Service Subscription
12 Month Single Adviser Standard Plan subscription (max 80 credits)
- paid by monthly Direct Debit

Only 11 Monthly payments of £36.00 incl. VAT (£39.60)  - GET THE FIRST MONTH FREE!*
*This offer is only available to new customers. Subscription is for a 12 month period, paid for by monthly direct debit only, with the first monthly payment waived. Credits are released on a monthly basis, therefore 7 credits will be released each month on the date the subscription commenced. If cancelled within the first 30 days then no cancellation fee will be charged however after this point a 3 month cancellation fee applies.

Click here to see the terms and conditions of the online service.
How do credits work?  
All subscriptions are duration based, for either a 3 month period or 12 month period. Credit usage is essentially a maximum usage limit, so at the end of the subscription period any remaining credits will expire.

On entering the client’s age, gender and name, one credit will be used. Once entered, there is no limit on the amount of research and/or reports you may do for that client for up to a year or until the subscription period expires. If you reach your maximum limit before the subscription period ends, it’s easy to upgrade your usage to a higher level.
More than one adviser?  
If you decide to take up the offer, but then want to provide access for more of your colleagues, we can provide an upgrade to a multi-adviser plan at any stage. If you would like to take up a Multi-Adviser plan now, click here to see what offers are available to PMS members and click here for Sesame members.
Rewire Routines Campaign - Special Offer
This offer on the 12 Month Standard Plan is available for the duration of the campaign (4th - 24th June 2018) for new users. The 12 Month Standard Plan usually costs £39.60 a month but this is discounted for PMS and Sesame members to £36.00 a month, making this the largest discount we have ever provided. Don’t miss out!

By using CIExpert for each new protection conversation, advisers can add Critical Illness to their routine with ease, creating comparisons both efficiently and with confidence in the advice they are providing.
What does CIExpert do?
CIExpert is an extremely powerful independent research tool that will help you compare existing critical illness policies your client may have to current critical illness policies.

It will show you and your client what they potentially gain by replacing their critical illness policy but also (and even more importantly) what they might lose.

CIExpert will show you all the definitions and compare each one in detail.

Click here to see an example of a CIExpert report.

So what do you get?
The 12 Month Standard Plan has a max of 80 credits. One credit essentially equates to one client. You can do as many reports as you like for each client during the 12 month period.

As you are paying monthly, the credits are dripped out monthly too, with 7 credits per month. Therefore in your free first month you will receive 7 credits.

So in your first free month you could review 7 existing critical illness policies. This could potentially generate £1000’s in additional income if it was the right advice to replace with a new policy.

Got any questions? Phone us on 0203 771 4607.

So what do your colleagues think of CIExpert?
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Standard Plan
per month
12 months
80 credit limit
1 single adviser
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